Monday, May 4, 2015

Globalization economic and cultural

Cultural globalization is all over the world from foods to languages to sports. For example sushi it is a food generated in Japan but it has become popular all over the world because of globalization this is an exange of an idea anda cultural characteristic.
Secondly another example of cultural globalization is the English language it started in England and now it is used all over the world as the most used language this is an exange of cultural characteristics.
Lastly futball is another example it was invented in England and now it is the most popular sport in the world this is an exange of ideas and cultural characteristics.

Economic globalization it is the second way of globalization and it is also used all over the world in transportating goods, ideas, and resources.
For example Apple started as a little idea in California an through exange of ideas it became the most valuable company in the world.
Another example is Colombian coffe it started little and through exange of goods it became a really liked type of coffe all over the world.
And lastly Segway it started as an idea for transport and now it is used in a lot of places in the world, for police, transportation, and as a new green way to move through the the city.

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