Monday, August 25, 2014

My place in the world

I live in bogota colombia, bogota is a big city full of people it has lots of mountains the climate is mainly cold because its a plateu. Colombia is a country with a lot of biodiversity of flora and fauna it has three mountain ranges the ocidental mountain range the central montain range and oriental mauntain range. In bogota some  typical foods are tamal and  ajiaco mostly the religion is christianity.

My home is located in chico is a sector of the huge crowded city of bogota where my home is the 93 with 10. it is near andino and very close to the park of 93. 

Most of the things that colombia has in common with most the othe countries of south america are the language because we were conquered by the spanish people and they all speak spanish. another thing that colombia has in common with the other countries in south america is religion most of the south america countries are christians because of the people that conquered them.

The migration of people has affected the environment of colombia because they brought things that the landscape wasent ready for like horses. the people cahnged the religion and the language of tha natives by conquering them.

humans have changed colombia in a drastic way we have filled it with polution cut down trees and killed entire species. the people have to adapt to the landscape moslty the natives because they were not so used to so much lack of trees.