Thursday, February 13, 2014


There are many ways in how the humans are killing the earth there is pollution water pollution global warming  deforestation and more but today I'm going to talk about deforestation in colombia.


causes and effects

One of the main causes of deforestation in Colombia is the national Plan Pacifico which is intended to raise bussnes to develop the economy. The plan includes exploitation of the country's rainforests for the extraction of precious natural resources for exportation.

reasons to stop

First  and most important we live because of the trees so if we chop down all the forests the we will stop brething oxigen and die.
Secon of all the trees in colombia sustain a huge amount of fauna so if you chop down a tree were birds live our fauna will start to desapear.
Last but nos least trees help keep the floor hard and steddy if we chop forests down the foor will start to get week and we start getting mud slides.


Colombia is a betufull place ful of flora and fauna we need to preserve its foressts  because at last what we life of is nature.