Monday, September 30, 2013


an example of physisical geaography in spain is the ocrdillera central the cordillera cantabrica and the ganada sierra nevada

human evronment interaction

in spain winte is cold so humans have to adapt by using heaters they can modyfy theyr normal tempeture by stain home or having sweters.


there a lot of ways to move arround spain one of those is the turists bus it really cool because you see all the history and you understand good


Spain is the region in the Mediterranean it is basically in the center of the earth there are also other country in the Mediterranean there is Algeria.



The capital of Spain is Madrid Spain is located  40°n 15°w north. north east of Spain is France, west of Spain is Portugal and west east of Spain is Algeria. Spain is located in Europe in south west Europe to be exact. west of Spain is the north of the Atlantic ocean.